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some of these are scary accurate 

this is the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen

We deserved the 4chan raids

the feels one tho

"I mean girls are dangerous-"

"she’s not a monster, Percy-"

"what if she’s a demon, Jason? WE HAVE TO PROTECT HIM!!"

I am not even sorry.
 This fandom ruins me.

So I have finally watched penny dreadful pilot and

is it supposed to be that great or am I insane
oh my


There should be an app where you enter your OTPs. When you’re out and about and you get close to another person who likes one of your OTPs, your phones both vibrate. Then you make eye contact and nod stealthily. 

I should start by telling you that Finn  is a character I couldn’t draw if to save my life, so I am sorry it got crappy! 
 Are you making a pair on Maleval? You picked the same colors and I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE

je adore snk zappycat bby girl, you’re right, it must be seen

Anonymous asked: Chuck Bass (8)


let’s pretend I am not obsessed with this man since I first saw GG s1.
 Great one, anon.

yes he is holding a glass
no he has only five fingers like any normal human sketch

Anonymous asked: 12 - the Baudelaire kids.


I love the book illustrations so much I can hardly run away from it’s influence on my image of the kids.

 Theeeeeeeeeeeeeere you go.


Hiccup cosplay, from how to train your dragon two.


there you go